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The heart & soul of Detroit Michigan brings more then just music & movie
entertainment! Carl Legacy, his stage name, has been going against the
grain since he started entertaining more then twenty years ago.
Deciding to remain original, do or die, seems to be a model that will clearly
be played out. Making his own strategic moves to garner loyalist to his
platform camp seems to be working well for him. Slow, but well. Why?
Because he's doing things many others are not. Keeping himself original.
A man that truly creates & keeps on doing it! Hate him or love him! He
truly pays no mind to that. Quote, "we've become a society that dislikes
something one day, then find ourselves liking it the next". "Don't believe i
should really be basing my moves by those thinkers?".
His table talk show is meant to challenge, inspire, and innovate. 
Tune in every (Thurs) at 6Pm standard time right here!
 under "weekly talk show". Weekly topics will be posted for
 months out.

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